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Server Virtualization

Your business running multiple services from a single server.

It is currently possible for your business to run multiple services from a single server. Its use is intended for ERP systems, cloud computing services, simulation tools, among others, avoiding expenses with new equipment and taking advantage of the idle resources of the computer.


• Use of existing infrastructure.

• Test environment.

• Decreased Machine Park.

• Diversity of Platforms.

• Centralized Management.

• Faster implementation.

• Easier Migration and Magnification.

• Security and Reliability.


• Consolidation of Servers.

• Installation of Terminals.

• Application Virtualization | Desktops | Storages.

• Deployment of Virtual Environments.

• Virtualization of Environments.

• Desktop Virtualization.

• Virtualization of Storages.

• Server Virtualization.

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